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The use of SMS has attracted a lot of interest from general public in Tanzania, this is due to the fact that the information can easily be accessed, within a short time and no doubt that mobile phones are becoming affordable,  the cost of purchasing the phones and maintaining them are becoming affordable as days goes by. Many people even in rural areas can now easily own and operate mobile phones, unlike other media such as emails, fax and letters. People are no longer required to travel long distances to get access to the information as well as being connected. 


The project aims to :-


• To develop and implement short messaging System (SMS) features to an existing Complaint Handling System to allow the citizen to instantly report to the Commission human rights - violation and contravention of good governance principles via SMS technology.

• To enhance timely access to justice

• To demonstrate that visibility of complaints and citizens are encourages to use rule of law

• To demonstrate the effectiveness of a public-private partnership model

• To make CHRAGG visible




SPONSORS: SIDA 2014-2015





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