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The Commission has protective, promotive, advisory and mediatory/conciliatory functions listed in the Act  as indicated below:

(a) To promote within the country the protection and preservation of human rights and duties to the society in accordance with the constitution and laws of the land;

(b) To receive allegations and complaints in the violation of human rights generally;

(c) To conduct enquiries into matters involving the violation of human rights and the contravention of the principles of administrative justice;

(d) To conduct research into human rights, administrative justice and good governance issues and to educate the public about such issues;

(e) When necessary, to institute proceedings in court designed to terminate activities involving the violation of human rights or redress the right or rights so violated or contravention of the principles of administrative justice;

(f) To investigate the conduct of any person to whom or any institution to which the provisions of this section apply in the ordinary course of the exercise of the functions of his office or discharge of functions in excess of authority;

(g) To investigate or enquire into complaints concerning practices or actions by person holding office in the service of the government, public authorities or other public bodies, including private institutions and private individuals where those complaints allege abuse of power, injustice, unfair treatment of any person, whether complainant or not, in the exercise of their official duties;

(h) To visit prisons and places of detentions or related facilities with the view to assessing and inspecting conditions of persons held in such places and making recommendations to redress the existing problems in accordance with the provisions of this act;

(i) To take steps to secure remedying, correction, reversal or cessation of instances referred to paragraphs (e), (f), (g) or (h) trough fair, proper and effective means, including the institution of legal proceeding;

(j) To provide advice to the government or to other public organs and private sector institutions on specific issues relating to human rights and administrative justice;

(k) To make recommendations relating to existing or proposed legislation, regulations or administrative provision to ensure compliance with human rights norms and standards and with the principles of good governance;

(l) To promote ratification of or accession to treaties or conventions on human rights, harmonization of national legislation and monitor and assess compliance, within the United Republic by the government and other persons with human rights standards provided for in treaties or conventions or under customary international law to which the united republic has obligations;

(m) Under the auspices of the government, to cooperate with agencies of the united Nations, the AU, The Commonwealth and other bilateral, multilateral or regional and national institutions of other countries which are competent in the areas of protection and promotion of human rights and administrative justice;

(n) To take such measures as may be appropriate for the promotion and development of mediation and reconciliation amongst the various persons and institutions that come or are brought before the commission;

(o) To perform such other functions as may be provided for by any other written law.


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