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About Chragg

The CHRAGG provides the following services to its stakeholders

  1. Receives, registers and investigates complaints from victims of human rights violations and non-compliance with administrative justice principles, provides recommendations towards redressing these violations, and undertakes court action in the event that its recommendations have not been implemented
  2. Proactively monitors violations of human rights and principles of good governance, conducts public enquiries, and suggests remedial measures to the Government for the promotion, protection and enforcement of human rights and principles of good governance.
  3. Monitors the compliance to the Government’s obligations under ratified treaties and instruments, assists the Government in fulfilling its reporting obligations under these treaties and instruments, and suggests measures to improve the said compliance.
  4. Suggests to the Government the appropriate treaties and instruments that must be ratified towards the improvement in the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and good governance principles.
  5. Suggests priority areas for law reform in order to improve the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights and good governance, to ensure compliance to obligations under ratified international treaties and instruments, and to incorporate international best practices
  6. Undertakes public and stakeholder education and information programs for increasing awareness about human rights, the principles of good governance, and about the functions, powers, and activities of the Commission.
  7. Collaborates with, harmonises its stances with, and exchanges knowledge, information and resources with related African and international organisations and associations
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